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All cables that we utilize in our Cable Assembly division (coax, audio, control, etc) are produced by high quality major manufacturers such as Belden, Times Microwave (LMR and others), Commscope/Andrew, RFS Systems, Alpha, General/Carol, and others. For the most part our cables are Made in USA. In some cases (Times, Commscope/Andrew and others) produce SOME of their products off shore. However, we have checked these mfr's QA and QC standards and procedures. We are completely satisfied with their quality and control thereof.

Whenever a cable is to be used outdoors, we only use the highest quality, UV resistant, materials. Our coaxial cables meet the std. for Military Type IIA (NCV or aka "non-migrating" PVC materials. Other type jackets such as PE (Polyethylene) are impervious to UV and do not contain plasticizers that would be an issue if they were to migrate from the outer jacket into the dielectric (the insulation below the shield and immediately surrounding the center conductor of a coax cable). Also, PE is water resistant, and resistant to certain caustic chemicals. PE vs. PVC: PVC is "moisture resistant", not "water proof". Unless a specific type of PVC compound (there are many) meets the aforementioned NCV Type IIA rating, then the PVC outer jacket can allow harming plasticizers to migrate into the dielectric, the results of which will be important changes to the electrical characteristics of the cable such as capacity, velocity of propagation, RF signal attenuation, and other changes. Cables not exposed to UV do not need the NCV rating. However, sunshine thru zero to low UV glass windows, shining on indoor cables, requires NCV outer jackets.

Cables other than coax: Control, audio, computer, and power cables come in various types of outer jacket materials. Most of these cables are not UV resistant but in cases where the cable will be used in sunlight, we have cable outer jackets that are resistant to UV. Unlike coaxial cables that have dielectric materials, computer cables and control cables will only suffer visual and physical integrity damage over various time frames if the outer jacket is not UV resistant. However, over the long term moisture will migrate thru the outer jacket (insulation), and the conductor jacket, causing copper oxidation to the conductor(s). Oxidation is detrimental to conductor resistance and performance.

Connector Materials: For RF frequencies up to 500 MHz, generally the use of silver plating on the connector body, as well as the pin, and Teflon dielectric insulation (securing the pin or female component inside the connector) are the BEST materials that can be utilized. For higher freq's, use of gold pins are the standard for our constructions (connector type TNC, N, SMA and certain others used at UHF and microwave freq's.) Gold is slightly less conductive than silver, but if silver is subject to the atmosphere, it will oxidize but gold will not. Despite gold’s slightly lower conductivity, it is best at microwave frequencis due to its lower oxidation characteristic which translates to lower levels of PIM (passive intermodulation). However, do not "over think" the need for gold, particularly at freq's less than 500 MHz because the important issue with ANY connector used outdoors is to properly moisture proof (preferably water proof) the connector. For indoor use jumper cables, either silver or gold is fine, but for indoor microwave connections, gold is still recommended. If repeat connection/disconnection on an often basis, just check either type plating and clean with alcohol if you see the need.

Many cable distributors and cable assembly companies do not lend proper scrutiny to jacket or connector materials. However, we care and our strong attention is given to your application spec's as well as:

"Quality USA Workmanship"

Our founder, Steve Davis, is a veteran, a cable design engineer; is FCC licensed and also is founder of DAVIS RF Co. which you should visit for all of your wire, cable, RF Connectors and Specialty Cable Design/Supply needs: DavisRF.com .

NOTE: The web site you are now viewing provides electronic cable assemblies, sales of various type rope, and rope or wire assemblies used for marine, industrial and tower or antenna support systems.


Mon - Sat, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 pm EST Tel: 978-369-1738

Or Email 24/7: Email us

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