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Our certified installers will install any type of connector on to your coax, power, control, audio or any other type cable. Control cables may consist of any number of conductors. Examples of control cables include cable assemblies for light to heavy equipment, motor cables, antenna rotor cables, or any custom cable that you need assembled with connectors for quick disconnect. Some specific cables are noted below. For any cable assemblies not noted below, please see our "Request for Quote" page.

The cables that we use are top quality. These include military type specifications for UV resistance, non-migrating/NCV (non-contaminating vinyl) PE, PU, Teflon, PVC, etc; flexible and low loss (these attributes vary based on type of cable). For complete info and further definition of non-migrating/NCV, see our "Technical Data" section.

Please NOTE: We will make up any length cable, of any type of cable and any type connectors. To submit your specific needs, please see the "PRODUCT" section below.

TESTING of finished assemblies: Our Quality Assurance procedure tests each cable for continuity,shorts, proper resistance, pull test and appearance. Unlike low quality testing, our thorough testing involves attaching the connector at each end of cable to it's mating connector which is part of our test equipment. This method places the cable as installed (connected) into an actual circuit.

cableAssembly3on17th.jpg PRODUCTS: Below are samples of our cable assemblies with prices. More will be added during March & April'12. There are hundreds of cable and connector possibilities so please send us your requirements. If you don't know the proper cable or connector, simply send us your application specs and we will advise you. Please include length needed and where applicable, aspects such as RF or audio power levels, frequency, voltage. If you don't know some of these aspects, we are happy to sort out these points with you. Submit to: ContactUS@DavisRopeAndCable.com for a prompt response.


Times LMR, Andrew, RFS Cablewave and other cable assemblies are available.

RG-8X Cable Assembly, 6 ft. w/PL259's (aka Male UHF "plugs" ) w/waterproof boots
Connectors are high grade Silver body, Silver Pin and Teflon dielectric. For explanation as to the excellent attributes of Silver and Teflon, please see our Tech Data Page. Built at our Mass. facility in accordance with military standards.

For custom lengths and any other connectors installed, contact us.

RG-213 Cable Assembly, 6 ft. w/PL259's (aka Male UHF "plugs" ) w/waterproof boots
Silver/Teflon connectors. Unlike some competitors,these connectors are fully soldered, braid and shield, no crimping, for maximum strength and excellent conductivity. Black, Mil Type IIA NCV (Non-contaminating Vinyl) PVC black outer jacket.

Wouxun Flexible Extension/Jumper Cable
$ 10.00 plus $ 5.00 USPS PRIORITY MAIL

Female SMA to UHF SO239 (SO239 is a Female UHF jack to receive a PL 259 plugged into it). See also our BNC female Wouxun cable, same price and length.

Lessens the strain on the handheld antenna input and allows for connecting other antenna options, or devices, to the handheld when the other antenna, or antenna cable or device, have a PL259 connector (or BNC) on it.

This flexible extension line reduces the stress put on your SMA radio connector. The SO-239 increases your antenna and cable options. Ideal for permanent antenna installations. Fits Wouxun models KG-UV3D, GU-16 and others that utilize the Reverse Polarity SMA male antenna port (that port is an SMA male that accepts the SMA pin (male) connector that is used on the antenna that comes with the radio).

The Cable is RG-58, 2 ft. long vs. 18" cables sold by other sources. Cable: $ 10.00 plus $ 5.00 USPS PRIORITY MAIL w/tracking (2 day delivery to most of USA, 3 day to some areas of West coast). shipment usually same day if order received by 2 PM EST.

Wouxun Flexible Extension/Jumper Cable - BNC
Same as Wouxun SMA - UHF described above but this cable has a BNC female instead of a UHF female

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