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Mon - Sat, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 pm EST Tel: 978-369-1738

Or Email 24/7: Email us

*** Please be sure that your SPAM FILTER will allow our following two email addresses to reach you, even if not sending us an email (in case we need to contact you): ContactUs@DavisRopeAndCable.com and sdavis@davisrf.com

It is our commitment to ship at the lowest possible shipping costs but also in keeping with quick delivery, unless otherwise instructed by our customers.

Within the guidelines noted below, please rest assured that we will only charge you the LOWEST POSSIBLE shipping charges. And, we only charge you what we are charged by the shipping entities. We do not charge "handling" or hidden charges. The only exception is in certain cases of Parcel Post: See " **** Please Note", below. The only handling charge occurs if your product total is $ 15.00 or less, then a handling charge of $ 3.00 is added.

Shipments are usually via:

LOW COST US Postal Service FLAT RATE PRIORITY for 2 Day Delivery. Our experience shows that this LOW COST PRIORITY service is delivering most consistently in 2 days to lower 48 state USA locations. USPS is now claiming 2 Day delivery (Mon thru Sat) to even rural West coast locations. Wie ship from near Boston, MA. And any USPS shipping method will deliver on Saturdays for no extra charge, unlike UPS.)

TRACKING: All shipments are tracked and track # is emailed to you.


You need not indicate anything in the "Instructions" if you are trusting us to ship the most economic way possible. If you have any concern as to costs of any method, please either note in the order "Instructions" section to advise you of your shipping choices and costs, or email us.

Parcel Post: GEN'L GUIDELINE, Delivery days in Calendar days, to :
FL, TX, KS, CA:    7 days (CA: 8-9 days if rural)
Northern ME, NYC:   3 days.
MD, PA, Upstate NY:   4 days

FOREIGN SHIPMENTS: We ship often to our foreign customer friends, at the lowest shipping costs available. If you wish a shipping cost quote, please email us and be sure to tell us the length, type rope or product you are ordering and to what city, country and Postal Code. Thank you.

Parachute Cord: Most of our shipments of paracord, 1,000 ft. or less, are shipped at costs lower than UPS or FEd X Postal Service. This is a great savings to our customers vs. other suppliers. These shipments are almost always via USPS Flat Rate.

ROPE and Paracord: In view of the fact that shipping rope on bulky reels causes the cost of shipping to go up significantly (because USPS Flat Rate and Regional rate boxes are not large enough to accommodate most reels), we package the rope in hanks (coils, no reel) of 50 or 100 ft. per coil (for ease of use by you). The hanks are bunched so that you always get CONTINUOUS (uncut) lengths (i.e., 300 ft. of rope is continuous, NOT CUT, just coiled and bound every 50 or 100 ft. ). 50 or 100 ft. coils are easily to handle and disperse, despite the size and type of rope.

If you feel you need the rope on a reel, please do not hesitate to indicate so in the "Shipping Instructions" portion of the Order Form (usually around $1.00 per reel, only charged if we do not have a recyle box that came to us, which we usually do have). There is no charge for our labor to put rope on a reel. Shipping cost usually will be higher because we would not be able to use Flat Rate box sizes. Most likely would ship Parcel Post (now called Std. Post)

NOTE: The following sizes/lengths of Double Braided Dacron rope are shipped on reels at no extra cost for the reel:

3/32": 3,000 ft

3/16 or 1/8: 1,000 ft

5/16 or 7/16: 500 ft

Cable Assemblies and all other products: We will ship Flat Rate Priority, or if size will not fit a Flat Rate box, we will ship the most cost effective way, unless you specify Parcel Post in the "Instructions" section on the "Cart" page. Please note the delivery times for Parcel Post noted above.

Mon - Sat, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 pm EST Tel: 978-369-1738

Or Email 24/7: Email us

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QUESTIONS: We prefer email inquiries due to work load issues and answer them very quickly. However, if you need to call us, please do. Your help is greatly appreciated and it furthers our ability to provide these very low prices and devotion to Customer Satisfaction. Thank you.

Privacy Policy: We do not track cookies. We do not provide ANY info about your account to any third party for ANY reason.

SATISFACTION GUARANTY: Full satisfaction or full refund less shipping costs. You have 15 days following receipt of the parts to contact us. The product can not be put into use, despooled, or otherwise tampered with or damaged. Thus you should visually inspect the product and if not satisfied you should info us in writing, or call us, in order to receive a return authorization number which has to be part of the return packaging or we can not accept a return.

DAMAGES BY SHIPPER: Please notify us within 72 hours and leave the damage packaging in tact (do not open) as this is part of the insurance requirement. Please do not send back to us without a Return Authorization because, if USPS, your local PO will have to see the package accompanied by a form we will make out and provide to you. To date, we have not had any damage claims. Thank you.